by Drama Tha King

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New single
Drama Tha King - Lazarus [Produced by Glo Gaines]


Verse 1

1 This time around we set precedence you say that you were searching
2 for the real here go your evidence could it be more evident
3 the new regime niggas better lace up or lay it down
4 cause soon that beat drop and my mic on I'm sprayin rounds
5 Lord pity the fool who try me
6 I wanna turn the other cheek but my pride won't let it go by me
7 a psychopath who learned to cycle math I gave my life to rap
8 so when I spit it's like when lightning crack or fighting tyson back
9 I put the D on its toes when I dropped control
10 that was just to embarrass him next time I take his soul
11 Fucking lame give the city such a bad name
12 your whole life worth is like a sniper with a bad aim
13 rope and tree is the only way this nigga could hang
14 act like you know nigga I do my fucking thang
15 ain't nothing changed I'm still that nigga they talk about
16 no deal no sponsor just the hardest out

Verse 2

1 look and I dont even need a fucking hook
2 I just comeback it's clear to see I got these niggas shook
3 what you want black they love me from the grove to the crook ugh
4 shout to Pookie and Lucci my niggas paved the way
5 DSR had us poppin now i'm here to save the day
6 to you other niggas doin it nice try
7 catch a towel spot on the bench and a high five
8 your cheap talk just writing checks that you couldn't cash
9 see I'm the truth they couldn't mask
10 you wouldnt ask how a nigga like me is still unheard of
11 when every verse I utter could be a convicted murder
12 aint it a shame how they keep a real nigga down
13 shut the front door me and my niggas gone sneak around
14 ski masks in all black who want that
15 I'm all about peace but even Malcolm X had a strap
16 don't get it twisted this is deeper than rap
17 I'm above and beyond a criminal a speaker of facts
18 america's worst nightmare nigga with a brain
19 give me the platform I'll put this whole country to shame
20 you know why i came weed smoke cars and the chains
21 lets face its lame basic all basically the same
22 me I bring change like Obama was the name
23 except I really do it instead of just using it as a saying ha
24 its not a joke got my hands around your throat
25 I'm just tryna sell you niggas is weighing down my boat
26 I'm lucky to be a float with all the storms I done faced
27 i'm one of four three out of four of us caught a case
28 fuck it I'm not complaining I'm just merely explaining
29 the culture the language the reason they deemed us so dangerous
30 tell me where would you be without a nigga like me
31 for the rich to stay rich you need the poor to stay in need indeed
32 now this the shit i'm supposed to feed my seed
33 I raise war for my people let em feed off me
34 I'm out of my mind look boy I'm ready for whatever
35 whenever however in fact the the sooner the better
36 Lord knows there never be another MLK
37 but let us pray at least we got DTK


released January 28, 2014
Lyrics by Drama Tha King
Production by Glo Gaines
Recorded & Mixed by MO!
Artwork By MO!



all rights reserved


Drama Tha King Dallas, Texas

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